The Exhibition Review

2014 Beijing Art
Location:National Agricultural Exhibition Hall


This year’s Art Beijing will continue the concept of “combining art with environment”, integrating art with public environment and highlighting the role of environment in art. This time, Frogman Art will mainly present the works of the magical realist artist Robert Bissell. The artist takes the scenery and objects in nature as his creation theme to reflect his spiritual world’s precipitation and reflection on the objective existence and appeal to people’s attention and reflection on nature.

Robert Bissell graduated from the Royal College of Art in London. After 1992, after a short period of entrepreneurship, the artist began to wonder whether what he did these was consistent with his own values-his company’s products wasted a lot of resources and large areas of trees were cut down for little profit. As an artist who grew up on a farm in Britain, he had keen feelings for natural environment and animals. Therefore, Robert decided to pick up his ideal of painting and show the sanctity of animals in his spiritual world to people through his art work. This exhibition will present the representative works of artist Robert Bissell in recent years, and open the door to the magic animal world constructed by Robert.

Pagans and Celtic Christians believed that nature bridges the world and the soul, and that animals acted as spiritual mediators. However, today’s society divides the vast majority of human beings and the natural environment into two completely different spaces. Robert described the current relationship between humans and animals as follows: “in the past, animals often played a very sacred role in the world as messengers. And now, they have become human recreation’s slave. What I want to do is to restore animals to their rightful role in nature and give them a new mission. The artist’s paintings recall the distant times when industrial civilization had not yet flourished, creating a natural space full of imagination for the audience. In the fine lines and soft tone composition, we will feel the rich and sensitive inner world of the artist and his strong desire to protect animals and nature.