The Exhibition Review

2015 Art Beijing


Location:National Agricultural Exhibition Hall



2015 Art Beijing is now in its tenth year. From more than 300 galleries, nearly 140 galleries and art institutions from all over the world have been selected to participate in this year’s Art Beijing. The exhibition covers an area of more than 25,000 square meters and consists of four parts: the contemporary pavilion, the classical pavilion, the design pavilion and the ART PARK public art area connecting the public areas of the pavilion. The exhibition will be held on May 1-3 and April 30 will be the super VIP day.

Frogman Art presents the works of Robert Bissell, a representative artist of contemporary magical realism. Robert Bissell’s works are mostly about animals, especially underwater creatures. In his artistic approach, he shapes the animal world into both fantasy and detail, creating a world completely different from what we realize in our daily life experience. In his creation, the animal’s world as a mirror of the human ego orientation, self reflection, cause our reflection on the environment, life, death and rebirth. On the other hand, it inspires the audience to follow their passion and have the courage to do truly meaningful thing, bringing from his world a more profound understanding of ourselves.