The Exhibition Review

2015 Shanghai Art Fair

Date: 2015.11.12-2015.11.15

Location:Shanghai World Trade Mall

Booth: B46


Frogman art is one of more than 150 fine galleries from 17 countries participating in this year’s Shanghai art fair with the theme of “Home and Art”. In this year’s Shanghai art fair, frogman art gallery will grandly present the classic works of American painting artist Ford Smith.

In his early artistic creation, ford Smith mainly focused on photography, and then obtained new inspirations from natural landscapes. After exploring a variety of expression techniques and theme directions, he finally established a distinct style of creating surreal natural landscapes with unique horizon landscapes, opening up new expressions of contemporary landscapes. Artists are very sensitive to colors and tend to choose colors with high saturation in color design to create gorgeous visual effects. Then the colors he creates are not static. When the viewer fully focuses on the pigments in the sky of the oil painting, he will find that the wonderful sky is changing its colors in a dynamic form, presenting a dynamic aesthetic feeling. Ford Smith’s skillful painting techniques and unique painting techniques endow the picture with more profound inner aesthetic thinking, and project a gorgeous scene full of fantasy color and reaching to the heart for the viewers’ spiritual world.