The Exhibition Review

2016 Art Beijing

Date: 2016.04.30-2016.05.03

Location:National Agricultural Exhibition Hall



The 11th Art Beijing will be held on April 30 to May 3, 2016, at the national agricultural exhibition hall in Beijing. In 2016, art Beijing will still adhere to the principle of “based on the local, complete Asia”. In 2016, Art Beijing will increase the proportion of Japanese and Korean art institutions to participate in the event, so as to truly realize the concept of “Complete Asia”.

Frogman Art today mainly presents the works of Vladimir Kush. He was born in Russia, is another surrealist artist after Salvador Dali. He combined realism painting with oil painting, and combined his philosophical thoughts to create his own unique painting method, namely Metaphorical Realism. Today, Vladimir has become one of the most high-profile contemporary artists in the United States, drawing attention from the industry and collectors. Solo exhibitions have been held in Dubai, Tokyo and Seoul for many times. “Vladimir Kush — welcome to the world of fantasy”, which was exhibited at Hangaram art gallery in 2015, was selected as one of the most popular art exhibitions in South Korea in 2015. In this exhibition, Frogman Art will present 10 of Vladimir’s most representative works and bring viewers into the beautiful magic world of Kush.