The Exhibition Review

2016 Shanghai Art Fair


Location:Expo exhibition hall,1099 Guozhan Road,Shanghai



The 2016 (the 20th) Shanghai Art Expo, as a famous art trading event in Asia and the landmark work of this year’s Shanghai international art festival, landed grandly at the expo exhibition hall (1099 Guozhan road, Pudong) from November 3rd to 6th. The theme of this year’s Shanghai art fair is “art makes life better”. We hope that art can enter into thousands of families and we can have a dialogue between art and families.

With fruitful results in the field of contemporary painting and sculpture, the upcoming art gallery in the art fair in Shanghai will present a series of artist Russian surrealist painter and sculptor Vladimir Kush, French Marine biological conservation’s keenest supporters – sharks sculpture artist Victor Douieb who pioneers the whale sculpture field, Randy Puckett, an artist obsessed with anatomical forms of whales and dolphins, and D.E. McDermott, a well-known sculpture artist, are among the most influential works of European and American artists. This exhibition integrates a variety of artistic creation forms and expressions. On the one hand, it shows the academic rigor of following the natural objective structure in the field of animal sculpture; on the other hand, it is the presentation of the spiritual intention of the creators integrated by contemporary art in the realistic context. The work shows the audience various dimensions of life. We have seen the mysterious and perfect movement of Marine life, and the possibility of a high integration of humanistic feelings and art. Through in-depth observation, we may also understand the breadth and depth that art can reach when it comes to life.