The Exhibition Review

2018 AFIH
Date: 2018.07.26-2018.07.29
Location: The Peninsula Hotel of Wang Fu Beijing
Booth: 506


Frogman Art gallery was invited to participate in the first exhibition of AFIH. The expo precise positioning, in the form of closer to home, taste the feeling of beauty. Let art really integrate into life. With the theme of “return”, Frogman Art will cooperate with this expo to bring you the works of artists such as Ford Smith and Helene Labrie. Ford Smith’s paintings, either the quiet and beautiful morning or the serene and beautiful evening, convey an optimistic and positive attitude towards life in its special tribute to the horizon. Helene Labrie’s animal sculptures capture moments of their spirituality and freeze their reverence of life in artwork. Let us feel the purity and truth of nature together with them.

In people’s haunt build my cot, of wheel’s and hoof’s noise I hear not; How can it leave on me no trace? Secluded heart makes secluded place. The fast-paced life surrounded by steel and concrete often leaves us nowhere to escape. AFIH and Frogman Art worked together to build such a paradise, hide in our cottage, and let nature be your balm.