The Exhibition Review

2017 Art Beijing

Date: 2017.04.29-2017.05.02

Location: National Agriculture Exhibition Center

Booth: C23


Based on the core concept of “based on the local, complete Asia”, art Beijing has selected about 160 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions in 2017. It continues the scale and appearance of previous exhibitions, integrates all important domestic artistic forces, and continues the concept of classical and contemporary parallelism as always.

Frogman art will present the latest sculptures by Canadian artist Helene Labrie at the exhibition. Helene Labrie is a sculpture artist from Quebec, Canada. Her father was a philosophy teacher and his greatest hobby was sculpture. Influenced by her father, Irene began to show a strong interest in sculpture art when she was 22 years old. During this period, Helene was recognized and taught by art teachers in the university. Helene held her first exhibition in 1979 and has since declared herself a professional artist. For artists, the ultimate goal of art is to show beauty that is often overlooked. Her sculptures are full of femininity, elegance, music, fatherly love and other elements. Through simple lines, artists freeze the beautiful moments in life in time and space, and the vivid and full sculpture forms show the unique creative perspective of female artists. In particular, the thick life atmosphere embodied in his works can easily bring the audience a kind and warm feeling.