The Exhibition Review

2018 Art Beijing

Date: 2018.04.29-2018.05.02

Location: National Agriculture Exhibition Center NO.11

Booth: C17-18


This is the eighth consecutive year that Frogman Art has participated in the Art Beijing expo. With the theme of “Content with reality”, we have joined hands with a number of selected works of western artists including Shelley, Arunas and Victor. Many people gathered for the exhibition, and works of art has been purchased by many collectors.

Shelley Muzylowskii Allen: the artist uses glass as the main medium of artistic expression and animal images as the source of inspiration to show us the philosophy of life in the glass world. Many viewers admired Shelley’s work. The inclusion of the mane warmly touches the heart of the audience, expressing a sense of awe for the animals.

Arunas Zilys: An old man with the magic wand. Many collectors say they seem to see memories of their childhood in Arunas’s work. He combines history, culture and highly creative imagination to present the depth of the illusory world, arouse people’s consciousness, and bring more associative blank space to the audience, like a journey of exploration and discovery.

Victor Douieb: Shark, carving the tiger and other works have excited many children who have come to the exhibition. They have also made the audience feel the marvelous workmanship and wonders of nature. Victor expressed a high degree of artistic aesthetics with the concise language of marine animal sculpture.

The exhibition also features works by Russian artist Kush and American artist Michael Parkes. Artists create a rare and beautiful world for the audience with their unique art forms.