The Exhibition Review

2017 Design Shanghai

Date: 2017.03.08-2017.03.11

Location: Shanghai Exhibition Center Classical Design Hall



“Design Shanghai” is the top international design event in Asia and a pioneer in the field of Chinese design. For the first time, it focuses on displaying the world’s top design brands on a large scale, providing a distinctive platform for communication and trading. The four-day exhibition showcases the works of more than 300 international top design brands and famous art galleries in three major pavilions: contemporary design pavilion, classic design pavilion and limited edition design pavilion.

Frogman art was invited to the event, which featured a series of Tim Cotterill work. Tim Cotterill is a famous British sculpture master. He is very good at capturing the strange movements and expressions of frogs and has created a series of unique frog sculpture works. So frogman gradually replaced his real name and became known to art lovers all over the world. He was generous in his use of color and imagination in his creation. These subtle changes of color light and shade are the reason why you feel that his frogs can jump into your hands in the next second. “To observe and shape frogs is to heal and discover life itself.” “He once said. It is not difficult to catch a glimpse of some seemingly “meaningless” but “super significant” theme elements in the postmodernism of pop art. He uses full color and bold outline to outline the unremarkable frog world, refreshing and bringing us more unique aesthetic experience.