The Exhibition Review

Look for the light of the sea

artists: Randy Puckett,Victor Douieb


Location:China World


Oceans cover nearly three-quarters of the earth’s surface, and all life on earth originates in ancient water bodies. Yet despite centuries of research, exploration, and our never-ending fascination with the ocean, many aspects of it remain a great mystery to us.

Artists Randy Packutt, and Victor Douieb, focus on the art of marine life and have made great achievements in whale and shark sculpture respectively. To achieve perfect, realistic, anatomically correct motion, they dive into the depths of the ocean in search of whales and sharks, as if longing for the light of the sea. With scientific research methods, materials and literature as well as their extremely high artistic talent, the two artists accurately show the perfect dynamics of whales, dolphins and other creatures. Their works are displayed in aquariums and galleries all over the world, as well as in many exclusive collections and collections of celebrities around the world. With the beautiful presentation of art, we hope to call on humanity to stop overfishing, protect the diversity of marine life and establish harmony between human beings and nature, which has aroused strong concern and resonance from all walks of life.