The Exhibition Review

Master of Disguise

Artist:Doug Hyde


Location:China World


Artist Doug Hyde was born in Bristol, England in 1972. During his study, Doug Hyde was dedicated to the study and exploration of the basic techniques of painting and sculpture. After graduation, he continued to pursue breakthroughs in the field of art and started his career as a professional artist. His work first gained attention in 2003. In 2005, Doug won the best-selling artist award and was named “Britain’s most popular living artist” by BBC television.

Doug always maintains a warm humanistic feeling in his works. He outlines the classic images in his works with a simple level and line. The image expression of these cartoon characters is derived from the artist’s daily experience and the refinement of emotions. When the visual point falls on the subject of the image, the artist will deliberately simplify the elements in the work, so as to highlight the countless vivid life stories behind the work.

Each image in the “Master of Disguise” exhibition breaks through the artist’s inherent image creation. With the help of well-known classical characters and the consistent characteristics of “smile” in the work, the artist expresses his nostalgia for his childhood and his admiration and desire for superheroes in his childhood. These objects and images sealed in the memory of the individual touch the viewer’s heart in a silent way after externalization, and also give the controversial word “camouflage” a richer connotation.