The Exhibition Review

Frogman around the world

Artist:Tim Cotterill


Location:China world


Over the past two months, the exhibition of “Frogman around the world” has come to a successful conclusion. In the past two months, we have also enjoyed infinite scenery in the “postcards” of frogs. “Frogman around the world” has left precious traces in China.

The artist hopes that through this project, we can learn to reconcile and get along with ourselves more, and pursue the track of human beings and the track of nature with a more peaceful and optimistic attitude. Although this “Frogman around the world” exhibition is over, “Frogman around the world” will keep going to explore more interesting places. Wish you all can keep following Frogman around the world’s travel diary. More importantly, we welcome more people can share the travelling pictures with your frogs to us and let’s make more postcards together.


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