The Exhibition Review

Horse Racing

Artist:Mary Sand


Location:China World


Artist Mary Sand grew up in Europe and began to get involved in horse racing and fancy riding when she was young. When she traveled across Europe as a young girl, the sculpture of horse riding in the city square made her fascinated. Driven by her strong love for the equestrian, Mary began to learn sculpture in 1997. She attended the American academy of equestrian art from 1998 to 1999. In 2005, she became a professional sculptor under the guidance of Richard MacDonald, a giant sculptor. Equestrian sculpture is Mary Sand’s Life at present.

In this “Horse Racing” exhibition, Frogman Art will present part of Mary’s works and tell the horse racing story behind her. One of the most striking is a life-sized sculpture of Hickstead Derby, the legendary racehorse that was accompanied by Canadian Olympic gold medalist Eric Ramazi in 2008. The death of 15-year-old Hickstead from a ruptured aorta at a racetrack in 2011 has not only devastated his partner Eric Lamaze, but also overshadowed racing fans around the world. In honor of it, a spruce tree ranch in Calgary, Canada, invited Mary to restore a life-sized statue of Hickstead and present it on the 80,000-person masters international stage as a timeless classic.