The Exhibition Review

Metal Labyrinth

Artist:Gare Maxton


Location:Shangri-La Hotel, Dalian


Gare Maxton is skilled at using precious metals as the main medium of sculpture. With an ingeniously use of the color characteristics of the precious metals of different textures, he created the maze series of elegance and mystery. He used simple geometric shapes as the main visual language to create sculptures which resemble magic squares and colourful labyrinth, blurry and clear at the same time. The exhibition presented his labyrinth series, in which each sculpture is made in the shape of Rubik’s cube, not only holding an external form of intricacy, but also presenting to the audience a maze to be cracked. The artist encourages the viewer to reflect upon and crack the maze in the process of viewing it. The whole work is more like a game which combines functionality and ornamental value, inviting the viewers to explore the relationship between being lost and searching. Gare’s works have aroused attention in the art industry and among various collectors, which shows that his works have not only artistic value but are also worth collecting.