The Exhibition Review

2018 Photo Fairs Shanghai

Date: 2018.09.20-2018.09.23

Location: Shanghai Exhibition Center

Booth: D17


In September, when the sky is high, the clouds are light, and the golden wind is cool, we trace the gentle wind in October and welcome the 2018 Photo Fairs Shanghai. Frogman art will bring the works of British experimental artist Jamie McCartney, Italian black-and-white film photographer Antonio Biagiotti, and Israeli urban photographer Shifra Levyathan to show us the deep power contained in images and the realistic dimension of art. The exhibition opened on 20th, and many collectors and art lovers have come. We are very happy to meet you again, and we hope this exhibition can bring you a different artistic experience.

Jamie’s work is experimental, using a modified document scanner to create images. His experience in grassroots environmental movements and working on peace boats has led to strong social and political currents running through many of his works. He hopes to change women’s body images through art and protest against the pervasive body fascism that has made society sick. His work is also controversial, but as a work of art, Jamie’s work meets all the most basic criteria — a multilevel experience that tells us it raises questions and provokes an emotional and academic thought. British art once remarked on him, “the world will be talking about Jamie McCartney for a long time to come.”

Do you share Antonio’s fascination with the creative power of black-and-white? Concise, clear and full of tension, the composition brings the viewer into a new world of lines and forms. So far, so near, so pure and so real, we long to find the unseen. In the seemingly simple picture, we also want to appreciate the symbolism and significance behind his works.

Shifra, an Israeli photographer who was released from the ban, expressed his love for photography in a new way during a period when he was unable to walk in 2010. She uses the solid structure and texture of the city as the content to explore the relationship between man, city and nature. The warm and cold colors filled with the sense of space and time harmonize the tension brought by the changes of the city. It seems that “Floating City” is reminiscent of the Alev described by Borges, which accommodates all things and floats on the water surface which symbolizes the birth of life.