The Exhibition Review

Respecting to the Horizon

Artist: Ford Smith


Location:China World


The artist Ford Smith graduated from the university of Mississippi majoring in painting. After graduation, he became obsessed with the research and creation of photographic art, and quickly became the leading fashion photographer in the United States with his extraordinary artistic talent. Until 2000, strong desire for creation led artists to return to the field of painting creation. From photography to painting, Ford paid more attention to the connotation and emotional resonance presented in his works. Throughout the artist’s creation, his works will consciously or unconsciously reveal the characteristics of images and Dhyana in Oriental aesthetics, and this aesthetic understanding is attributed to the artist’s life experience in Japan when he was young.

The artist has tried a variety of creative themes, and finally established the surreal creation method of integrating horizon and natural landscape to reflect his unique artistic perception. Francis Bacon once said that the body becomes a “deforming” force after it is visualized, and the real space and objects are “deformed” to a state of high strength and symbolic significance, to a state of scarcity after saturation and silence after noise. Horizon divides the world into two parts. Just like the contradictory aesthetics that the artist tries to present to the audience, the world in his works is vivid and calm, moving and affectionate, wild and temperate. Ford’s inner world projects a strange scene here. Artists use this unique perspective to understand the objective environment of the break and remodeling, to complete the essence of the image and noumenal spiritual home exploration.