The Exhibition Review

The Animal

Artists:Robert Bissell


Location;China World


Born on a small farm in Somerset, England, artist Robert Bissell grew up with wild animals, Celtic legends and pleasant countryside. As a child, he developed an interest in visual aesthetics and spent hours observing wildlife in the marshes near his home. Robert received his bachelor of fine arts and master of fine arts in photography from Manchester College of Fine Art and the Royal College of Art in London. After working for some time, he began to doubt whether the long-term impact of industrial development was consistent with his world view, and decided to present his views on nature to the world through artistic creation.

“Animal habitat” is named after a painting by the artist Robert Bissell. Under the artist’s pen, animals are in the environment of absurdity and dislocation. Robert refers to hidden reality in a surreal way, and discusses the reconstruction of the established structural order under the premise of affirming the relevance between humans and animals. Robert tries to arouse the audience’s reflection on the environment, life, death and rebirth through his paintings, so as to leave the dreamlike utopia and start the journey in this lost world in his own way.

“Animals used to be magical messengers in the human world. I want to restore animals to their rightful place in nature and give them a new purpose, “Bissell said.” The artist maintains a consistent freshness in his recent works, a fairytale gaze, romance and metaphor. In most of his works, he tends to use soft colors. The images of the series of works are similar in morphology, gentle, original and exquisite in structure. The animals in the painting seem to be in a wonderful wild world, and at the same time seem to be in prison. With the help of the magic scene set by Robert, the audience extends to the remote original environment behind them, and their eyes can easily trace their origin across the boundary of the prison, while the wild animals can only be limited to the virtual field in the foreground, revealing the illusion and distortion.