The Exhibition Review


Artist:Loet Vanderveen


Location:China world


The artist Loet Vanderveen (1921-2015) was born in Rotterdam, Holland, lived through World War II, then after brief periods in Zurich, London, and New York, settled along the coast of Big Sur, California where he built a home and studio. The most prestigious sculptor of the wildlife made himself known to the world through his extraordinary creations. The original and unique local polishing made his bronze sculptures admired and loved by collectors all over the world.

Four years later after the master sculptor left us, the Crocker Art Museum, California will show his works on December 9, 2018. In honor of the master, Frogman Art will present a small retrospective of Loet Vanderveen after the Crocker Art Museum exhibition, and join this great artist as witness to this celebration of life.

From monkeys, elephants and horses to cheetahs, giraffes and bulls, all kinds of animals appear in his art work, singing together a passionate hymn of life and interpretation of the passionate life hymn and witnessing the movement of the most spectacular wildlife on this magical land. Loet captures their subtle expressions and dynamics. The vivacity of his images shone through the eyes of those animal sculptures like rays of life coming from the depths of their souls. And his images are vivid in the eyes that come from the depths of the soul and represent lifelike animal sculptures. He believes that “to capture a person’s soul, first pay attention to his eyes; to catch an animal’s eyes, first pay attention to its soul.”