The Exhibition Review

Wild Romance

The Theme:Wild Romance

Artist:Ford Smith


Location:China World


Artist Ford Smith graduated from the university of Mississippi majoring in painting. In 2000, he completed a career transformation from top fashion photographer to painting artist in the industry. His creation theme focuses on the natural scenery derived from the horizon, and he is good at integrating the antagonistic elements of vitality and tranquility in his works. His unremitting pursuit of art and super creative talent always keep the artist’s creation at an appropriate distance from the current popular painting style, so that his works can maintain the impact of originality.

In this exhibition, visitors will enjoy the natural scenery in the artist’s memory and imagination. The artist deconstructs and reorganizes the world in his unique way, presenting us with a surrealist art world full of gorgeous colors, out of reach but feeling intimate. The scene he creates is like a dream, romantic and rich, as beautiful and warm as love. In the beautiful landscape, people turn from the outside to the inside, pay more attention to the inner waves and feelings, to achieve the effect of direct contact with the heart.