Ford Smith

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Faithful Watch

Original Paintings 22×28″

Divining Answer

Original Paintings 24×30″

Branching Out

Minis on Paper 11×15″

Twilight Embrace

Masterwork on Canvas 11×11″

Rest Assured

Masterwork on Canvas 24×24″

Drops of Nature

Masterwork on Canvas 11×11″

Wild Impulse

Original Paintings 18×36″

Open Communication

Masterwork on Canvas 9×17″

Kaleidoscope Point

Masterwork on Canvas 11×13.75″

Rest Assured

Masterwork on Canvas 30×40″

Zentimental Journey

Minis on Paper 11×14.75″

Mood Swing

Minis on Paper 13.75×11″

Rise Above

Minis on Paper 15×11″

Heart of Nature

Masterwork on Canvas 48×36″

Wild Side

Original Paintings 40×30″

Cellophane Flowers

Original Paintings 48×60″

Sunlight Hide

Original Paintings 40×30″