Hélène Labrie

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My approach is simply the reflection of the story of my life. There is nothing rational about a career choice arising from the atmosphere of the art classes at CEGEP, from being fat at the age of twenty, from getting married at 28 and from having five children in the twenty-first century. Nor is it logical that this choice rose from the joy of rereading all the Tintin comic books at the age of 52, or from my sympathy for the audacious caricatures of Robert Lapalme, the spirit of Deschamps, the writings of San-Antonio, the works of Dali or for the bronze sculptures of Spain’s Gargallo.
My approach has been modeled from the joyful and the painful aspects of my life as well as what experience has taught me with regards to family, love, femininity, LE SOLEIL « La coqueluche de peluche s’éclipse »18 février 2002maternity, paternity and so forth.The result: I am a sculptor instead of a painter. Is there anything coherent about a curve? It is much easier to draw a straight line or angles, but life contains nothing that is straight. Life is curved, it is round! According to some, my sculptures reflect humor. This opinion raises the question of emotion, meaning and depth; are they present in my works? Are comic books, caricatures and comedies serious art?What is my approach? To draw from my past a curve that pacifies and reconciles the viewer with his proper past, by provoking a tender, but fleeting, smile.To paraphrase Boileau: what is well conceived, enunciates itself clearly and the curves to say it arrive easily.


Exhibitions:(In the lastest 5 years)

2006   Musée Laurier, Arthabaska, Québec Can.
2005  Musée du Bronze, Inverness PQ
2003   Inaugural show, A & C Fine Art RI, U.S.A.
2006   « Parcours, l’informateur des arts », été 2006
2002 ‘Hélène Labrie, l’art qui sourit à la vie’, Jacques Bélanger, p.98.