Laurence Broderick

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Outdoor Projects


Aberdeen Drilling Consultants Maxwell Otter Aberdeen, Scotland

Loch Lomond Shores Teko Balloch, Loch Lomond

Born Free Foundation Teko the Otter Brightwater Centre, Isle of Skye

Prudential Turtle London

Chester Business Park Leaping Salmon

Cambridge University Hospital Diving Otter Fountain II Addenbrookes, Cambridge

Powergen Family of Otters Coventry

Bell’s Whisky Mother and Child, Mother and Child II & The Otter Cherrybank Gardens, Perth

Kinloch Lodge Goddess of Water Isle of Skye

International Tennis Federation World Champion Trophies

Philippe Chatrier

Haddo Arts Trust Portrait of ‘Lady Aberdeen’ Aberdeenshire

Clan Donald Castle Teko the Swimming Otter, Armadale, Isle of Skye