Vladimir Kush

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Light in the Tunnel

Oil on Canvas 14×18″

Fire Calendar

Masterwork on Canvas 29×35.5″


Masterwork on Canvas 24×34″

In Full Sail

Oil on Canvas 70×50″

Captive Audience

Oil on Canvas 36.5×29.5″

Three Step of Life

Watercolor 10.25×7″

In the Web of Bliss

Oil on Canvas 12×16″

Make a Wish

Oil on Canvas 30×44″

Captain Drake’s Pipe

Masterwork on Canvas 16.5×22″


Masterwork on Canvas 30×19″

Sneaking Night

Masterwork on Canvas 18×12″

Window to Discovery

Masterwork on Canvas 43×25.75″

Human Way

Masterwork on Canvas 32×74″


Oil on Board 8×8″

Captain Drake’s Pipe

Bronze 12x4x10″

Birth of Venus

Bronze 13x13x10″

The Island

Bronze 25x11x14″

Time Weaver

Bronze 14x4x20″

Hibiscus Dancer

Bronze 40x24x20″

Green Apple

Bronze 6x6x11″

Monetary saw – fish

Bronze 56×19″

Flying Fish

Bronze 28x14x5″

Monetery fish wall

Bronze 42x4x27″