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2018 AFIH


2018 AFIH

Art Beijing 2018

Frogman around the world

The Reality in Imagination and Symbol

GFAA 2017

Art Beijing 2017

Robert Bissell Solo Show

Design Shanghai 2017

Discover the light of the ocean

2016 Shanghai Art Fair

Respecting to the Horizon

2016 Art Beijing

Doug Hyde Solo Exhibition

2015 Art Beijing

Wild Romance

Horse Racing Story

2014 Art Mo

2014 CIGE

Randy Puckett Art Show

2014 BolognaFiere SH Contemporary

Soul Dancer

2014 Art Beijing

Hope For Pearl


2013 Shanghai Art Fair

2013 Art Beijing

Doug Hyde art Show

2012 CIGE

Hélène Labrie

Flying the Sky

2010 Art Beijing

Wildlife World

Winter Coat Panthera Tigris

William Jauquet

Cast Metal Art